I went to a wedding party today, the couple is so young, I guess they are both in their early twenties. I really hope they can be happy friends throughout the marriage years.

Eh? Happy friends? Yes…. It’s a high art to become friend with your spouse. In too many cases, married couple is becoming two unfriendly person who live under the same roof, they share life costs, house maintenance costs, children costs, sure, they share the bed too… But they don’t share stories of their days, their dreams, their hopes and even memories from the past times.

I know now that happy marriage is indeed exist, and I also acknowledge that happiness can’t materialize by it self, we must put a lot of effort to be happy, we must make continuous attempt to be happy and prior to all that, we must comprehend the most important thing, to know what it is that makes us really happy.

Cheers, be happy, 

Karin Sabrina

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