Rest in Peace

My mom actually has prepared for her “Rest in Peace” event; she wants the whole house covered with fresh flowers, actual fresh colorful flowers, not plastics; She also reminds me to serve the guests with good food. Yes, in Bataknese culture, the funeral of an old parent is considered a huge party. The old age closely related with many blessings in life such as children and grandson, these blessings are celebrated, and the celebration must surely involve good food.

Other than fresh flowers and good food, I think she was even mentioned that she already prepared her death white dress. I know, it sounds, weird.. and it is.. for us ( I assume you’re at the same age with me, at late thirties..

But for my mom, in her seventies… It’s a very reasonable preparation. I admire her casual way to talk about death… A topic I rarely want to think about.

Cheers, may we live our life fully,

Karin Sabrina

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