It’s difficult to take ‘No’ as a definitive answer, especially when I feel I’ve tried so hard and have been waiting for so long. Mais c’est la vie, non? There are always more No (s) than the yes (es) given to us as an answer.

This afternoon,I felt a pang of pain when I still receiving a “No” as an answer for a requisition I’ve made years ago. But then I remember a line from Rumi:

The cure for the pain is in the pain

And strangely, I didn’t feel so angry and disappointed with the ‘No’ answer anymore. Perhaps the ‘No’ is the best thing for me for the time being, or perhaps it’s not really a simple ‘No’ …. Instead it’s a ‘not yet’, or perhaps the No means I am able to go on and thrive even without a Yes.

Cheers, may you always find peace no matter what.

Karin Sabrina

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