It’s a German world I learn from Duolingo, Prost means cheers. I love that word, I always put it at the end of my blog post. I like to say it silently to my self in the evening, cheers! You’ve made another beautiful day. It makes me feel good before I go to bed.

This Christmas, I am cheering for a lot of reason, this is my first Christmas with a man I love so much and am very grateful to called him husband now. A lengthy project regarding a land certificate also have been completed last week, what a relief. And although it’s not happening yet, but I do sense that some of our debt accounts can be settled in the near future, cheers 🥂.

I hope all of my dearest readers can say cheers for a lot of good things in this festive season, Cheers! Prost! or in French they say : à votre santé, 

Karin Sabrina

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