Segala dedaunan yang tumbuh akan berkata kepadamu: apapun yang Kamu tanam, akan berbuah, jadi jika Kamu sungguh punya akal wahai sahabat, Jangan pernah menanam apapun selain Cinta. -Rumi

Today I was reminded that a person’s appearance does not always correspond with his/her true self. A person can be so polite and in a matter of hours he/ she can be so rude. A person may look and act like a clergy, but then his broken evil attitude was shown under a bright daylight.

All of us is sowing seeds in this life, some seeds may bear fruit soon, but some other may be a little late. These seeds are our actions, our words, our thoughts, our habits, our social circle, etc….. And it’s very sensible to pull ourselves as far as possible from bad seeds, and trying our best to sow the good one.

Cheers, may all of us bear good delicious  fruit, 

Karin Sabrina

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