A couple of days ago, I met a selfless young woman.
she wants to be loved, who wouldn’t?
Every time she found a potential love, she gives relentlessly and asks nary a thing.
With one, she has dined with his children from a previous marriage, also with all his extended family. Sadly, honesty was not his strong point.
With one, her bridal gown doesn’t have a chance to be worn at their wedding, she canceled everything at the last minute, he is such a rude man.
With one, she had a long-distance relationship. She provides him with all of her time and attention, he used her and called her fat.

I wanted to tell her, “please stop disappointing yourself”. I want her to put herself first, to see herself as valuable and deserves to be treated well by a fine man. I want her to ask a lot from a man, she is a hardworking woman and she deserves a comfortable life.

But I bit my lips… unsolicited advice is always…well …unsolicited, unwanted. Of course, I want nothing but the best for my favorites circles, but I do realize that some lessons must be learned by walking through them.

Cheers, may you be calm,  
Karin Sabrina

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