I am a chronic perfectionist, it’s a trait that makes me feel restless at any time. I could check and double check and triple check my completed work, I could feel sleepy and also think, rather than take a nap, I should finish the book I’m reading at the current moment and also think I need to tidy up the shoes shelves, all at the same time plus another thoughts that would be too complicated to be written here.

Then I heard on my meditation class that we are larger than our thinking. I should imagine my thoughts like busses that moves through a high way. We could ride on the bus, but… We also could choose to sit on the road side and just enjoy the view. The busses will pass away… We could just see it. We don’t react to each bus that pass, we just look at it, and we don’t even have to solely look at the bus, we could look at the cloud, the grass, the scenic background.

We are larger than our thoughts. Our monkey mind will always thinking on something. Accept it, do not negate your natural mind. I like that Idea…

Karin Sabrina

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