I am talkative, I am quiet, I am cheerful, I am serious, I am a little bit of everything. And I guess all of us do.. we may have one or two distinct features that other easily labeled us with, but we are actually a beautiful mix of a lot of personas.

I’ve read somewhere… Our brain loves to label information. So, everytime we meet someone new or we are in a new environment, we automatically labelling this person or place as nice or arrogant, humble or humble brag, quiet or noisy and such and such.

Sure, we can’t be possibly know very well a person we just met, but since it’s our brain job to classify and labelling everything, and she did a very good job anyway, we oftentimes just accept the label. We rarely question our own opinion regarding a person or a place or a new experience.

I will starting micro experiments toward my own mind, toward my opinion. So basically I will try to understand why I think about such and such in one particular way and not the other way.


Karin Sabrina

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