• A woman of 72 knows how to stop the time as she looks like a model and we can’t wait to hear her out.
  • You won’t believe this woman actual age!! She is 65 years young and she looks much younger!
  • This is the how to make your skin glow and shine forever.
  • All other ads which basically screams women should look waaaaayyy younger than her actual age.

I don’t get it. I never want to look like I’m twenty something now, plus that’s not the most beautiful period in my life. In those years of my twenties, yes… The skin was amazing, but I don’t really think about that because I had low self-esteem, I cultivate lots and lots of problems in that younger days. And in the abyss of so much issues, I even can’t say I am beautiful. I didn’t believe I am beautiful.

I love the way I am now, and I am becoming an old lady with a very eclectic features. I am becoming an old lady who maintain a healthy lifestyle, regular workout and enjoy her food with respect and grateful.

May you too becoming the very best version of yourself my dearest readers.


Karin Sabrina

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