Small victories add up.

The little wins we commit

ourselves to,

day in and day out, lead us to the successes we’re striving for.

For the past 35 days, I write in this blog every single day, some days I feel nothing comes up, while on other days, I must force myself to stop writing. I also do the treadmill 5-6 times a week in the past month, my feet are hurt… ( change is never easy my dear…).

And I now define my good day based on these two activities; writing? done, hohooo.. this is a good day! Treadmill? done! well ..well.. congratulation! I have a great day!.

And after a month I keep saying that this is a good or great day, I really feel, a good future is achievable! Future never comes all of sudden right? the good future comes from the good + great days built slowly and consistently.

Victories! Cheers!

Karin Sabrina

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