How would you like to live your life in your golden days?

My question this afternoon

I am visiting one of my Aunt today, she is 83 years young. She live by herself , and several days ago she fell at the bathroom. Her eldest son live next door but it’s the far neighbor who came to help. Ya… It’s really that sad.

At the brighter side of this story, she seems in much better condition today. She is strong enough to sit and talk endlessly for 2 consecutive hours to my mom…🤭🤭

A question pop up in my mind, How would you like to live your life in your golden days? Where will you reside? Who will take care of you? And to these questions, the answer is still not available.

But I wish to be in good health in my eighties, I wish to be as cool as Dame Judi Dench or Dame Julie Andrews. I wish to live in a calm and quiet place, not necessarily a gorgeous villa in the midst of scenic view, sit by the lake Toba ( but if so, I would forever grateful 🥰). I wish I could spend the day with good readings and of course good laughter with my favorite humans.


Karin Sabrina

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