We were taking a quick dinner on our way home tonight

We went to the supermarket after work today, and for a moment, I realized that I really appreciate and feel grateful for this man that I called husband now. He is always super helpful, not even once I ever heard him complaining when I take some time to decide what shampoo should I take, the anti dandruff one.. or the one who promised me a silky smooth hair? Or even when I look meticulously for a particular chicken nugget but I can’t remember it’s brand and all I could think is that the package has a bluish mark on it.😅😅

This man will just wait calmly, he never rushed me to walk faster. But whenever he feels that the supermarket is way too crowded (which is not safe in this pandemic time) he gently reminded me: the place is too crowded honey..

I wish I know much much earlier – like 20 years ago, that when a man that I love, loves me back in such a beautiful way, happiness will be around everywhere, at everytime. Yes, happiness will be around, even when you’re in front of shampoo aisles in the grocery store.


Karin Sabrina

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