My husband once told me that our wedding happened because I have a very little sense of fear regarding money, in other words, I don’t fear debt, I can jump into a huge debt due to a plain curiosity. He is a very cautious man regarding money, I am a risk-taker; he did not have any credit card, I have 4 active credit card; he thought that taking a vacation and stay in a resort is a nice daydream, I want this “resort-vacation” on a regular basis, complete with a list of itineraries.

Yes, we are very different regarding the financial matter, and thankfully, we are completing each other with our differences. I am the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in our home, so it’s my responsibility to record the daily expense minutiae. So, even though my husband is more frugal than I do, but he doesn’t really like to deal with all the record-keeping things. As for me, I often have these ‘expensive” ideas, as a matter of fact, I just think of a 3 days vacation in August, I even already look up the routes, where to stay, etc… but then… I look at our budget and the budget is screaming NOOOOOOOO… hehehehehe… My husband also has the ability to tame my impulsive and often expensive ideas; he will say things like: it’s better that we wait until next year. I am really blessed in this marriage. hallelujah.

Please remember that even if you’re a match made in heaven, you and your partner will not have the exact same set of priorities. He wants a fully-equipped carpenter workshop, while I just want to buy books and more books. He wants to go to Bali, I want to have a landscape of nice greenery and a Koi Pool in the Back yard. I think it’s important to make a room for every need separately; your priorities, their priorities, and our priorities.


Karin Sabrina

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