I just bought new running shoes! My old shoes have broken; its sole is already a bit harden and it does not really give good support for my feet; please note that I am an ultra amateur runner, so everything that I said about running shoes, and the “running” itself, is based on my own experience and feeling. This writing is not a professional advice on running, not even close. It will be a suggestion for shopping for shoes.

So I went shopping in a nearby sports station. There were 2 pairs that I really like. I put on the best looking one first, white, orange, so chic but it’s a bit tight, I wear it for almost 15mins… Then I wear the other one, it’s blue and pink and it’s so light and when I wear it, the sole felt so soft and it hugs my feet comfortably.

So I asked myself over and over .. which shoes will I buy… The chic-looking shoes or the comfortable shoes? So I listed my reason to buy the running shoes; I am buying shoes for running, all I want to do is to work out regularly, and most of the time I do my running on the treadmill in my own home. I need good running shoes that are light, and able to give support my feet. Chic-looking shoes are not on the list apparently, so.. yes, I bought the comfortable one.

The choosing stage in shopping is not always that easy, more than often I found myself getting really confused when I had to choose from so many options. So I guess the crucial point in shopping for shoes (or night cream, or clothes, or car – why not? ) is to remember all the reasons why you want to buy this particular thing, then you make a decision and swipe the card. Unless you are shopping for a book, in that case, it is different, because there is no such thing as buying too many books.


Karin Sabrina

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