Labersa Toba Hotel Balige

Have you ever wonder whether your review on a particular place or event is actually read by the related party or not? Well, the answer is yes, they do read your review and there is a bunch of others who also read your review. That’s why it’s important to write your complaint or your compliment in a clear and -if applicable- in a descriptive manner.

Last month, I was staying at Labersa Hotel in Balige. I booked and paid for the hotel voucher via Traveloka App. It’s a new hotel actually, the hotel Soft Launching Ceremony was held on Saturday (29/2/2020). I choose to stay in this hotel because it’s still new, and I think new is correlated closely with cleanliness. When you are traveling in the midst of these no-one-knows-when-will-be-this-over pandemic times, cleanliness is paramount.

For dinner, we went to a nearby restaurant in town. The hotel actually has a rooftop fine dining restaurant on the 9th floor, unfortunately, I have not stepped into that restaurant, but from some reviews I read, the view from there is magnificent. The breakfast time is a bit crowded, so I suggest coming to the restaurant early in the morning. The waiter will provide plastic hand gloves for the guests. One minor issue is that in the busy hours, 8-10 a.m., we must wait a bit longer for a lift ride.

So what’s the review for this hotel? Well, I wrote a review about a sum of the deposit that I forgot to reclaim at the check-out time. The customer service officer did not mention anything regarding the deposit either. I wrote this review on Traveloka, and 15 days later, a representative of Labersa Hotel called me, apologized, and promised that he will soon transfer my deposit and ask me to remove my review on Traveloka. I agreed. The Cust. Service also called and apologized. I even feel bad about my own review after the phone call. But I guess if I did not put the review, then perhaps the Hotel will never know, right?

To my surprise, to remove a review from Traveloka is not as easy as one, two, three, done. I contacted the cust. service from the chatbox, I called via phone, and it actually took 4 days to remove a single review from my traveloka account.

The lesson: Every time you are at the checkout of a hotel, take your time, don’t rush anything. You are on a vacation, take your hard-earned leisure time with ease and relax manner.


karin Sabrina

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