This is the day when I feel not really good about everything in my personal life, but since I am still in my 30 days self-love challenge, I must able to remind myself of something good about myself that makes me fall in love with myself again. I don’t feel like writing actually, but that’s the point of this challenge right? to keep going even when you feel not like it.

I snapped a photo of me grinning, and I think it’s really a cute photo, an awkward grinning with no reason to grin but I do it anyway because I hope it will lift my mood. My husband used to say my smile is very similar to Julia Robert’s smile, a very wide smile exposing all the front teeth, the squinting eyes, he said there’s a sincere joy brimming from my smile. hehehehe.. now I am actually smiling just by remembering this. I typed and I smile. I like it. I have no idea that smiling could actually make me feel better.


Karin Sabrina

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