This morning I was re-thinking about the fairy tales snow white, especially the evil queen part. and if you’re guessing what am I possibly doing while re-thinking about snow white? I am taking my morning shower. Make sense right? :D.

“Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?”

Evil Queen.

The mirror always responded that it was the queen who is the fairest and prettiest of all, but when one day when she asked the mirror the same question, the mirror showed that it was Snow White, who was the fairest of them all. It raged the queen and all the hatred and jealously was seeded in her for Snow White. I started to feel sorry for the evil queen actually. I think she is not evil at all, she might be delusional and perhaps even schizophrenic (taken into account that she talked to a mirror on a regular basis), but all she wanted was to be told by this magic mirror that she is the fairest and the prettiest of all. If I have a magic mirror that can talk back to me, I would not ask her who is the prettiest of them all, I will ask:

Why do we look for validation for our beauty? Why there is a need for a second person or mirror to tell us that we are beautiful? Lastly and the most important one that, why do we compare ourselves with others?

I look deep into the image shown in my mirror this morning, and instead of saying the regular things such as, ugh.. pimples, unruly hair, untidy brows, a nose that seems too big, scars, etc; I started to say things like, you look gorgeous darling! Your blouse is perfect, you radiate energy, come on smile a bit wider, geesh… you’re a killer darl. Love ya! And guess what, it makes me feel taller .. 😀 haha.. perhaps my confidence soaring so high I feel like I am taller by an inch or two. Great feeling. I like it. You should try it too. It practically does not cost a thing to say how beautiful we are in front of our mirror.


Karin Sabrina

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