I found an interesting fact about me yesterday. When I feel very tired, I need to rest and sipping my hot tea/coffee/chocolate in a quiet and dark room. This sit and sip in dark and quiet environment makes my body set into “rest mode”.

I never knew about this before. But I do know I never like to be in the midst of a crowd since I was a little kid. Every time my mom asked me whether I would like to come with her to do some shopping in a crowded place, I would always say no.

I enjoy my grocery shopping when it’s not crowded in the supermarket, I feel dizzy in a crowded place. There’s a annual fair held in my town. It’s called PEKAN RAYA SUMATERA UTARA, it’s crammed with people, literally. All my life, I’ve been to that place twice, and I think it’s more than enough.

I want to make this “sit and sip” in the dark to become my daily activity. I guess it’s important to rest as it is to do meaningful activities.

May you found your Rest mode too. Cheers,

Karin Sabrina.

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