Today I found my Enneagram personality types, your ennea..what?? I repeat. Today I found my enneagram personality types. The enneagram is a system of personality types that describes patterns in how people see the world and themselves and also about how they manage their emotions.

The name Enneagram comes from the Greek: Ennea is the Greek word for nine and Gramma means something that’s drawn or written. The enneagram categorized all people into nine major personality types. This is not to put us into a rigid personality box, but to help us know our self, as they said fellas, Know thy self! It’s a huge task, we need to use any help that available, include to assess ourselves into this “test with a very difficult name to spell”.

I took three free enneagram test, and two of them stated I’m type 9 (dominantly) and one of them said I’m type 5 (dominantly) and all of them stated that my second high score is at type 6 ( if you wish to find out your enneagram personality, just google it). It means I am a peacemaker (type 9), and also an Investigator (type 5), and also a Loyalist (type 6). The best thing about me? I am a peacemaker, haha, well I do usually avoid to have conflict, I prefer to be in a peaceful, quiet, harmonious environment, I do my research before making a decision and I do keep my skepticism toward everything at a healthy dose (or at least I assume it’s a healthy dose).

The not-so-good about me? I like to procrastinate, I do not resolve a conflict in an efficient manner since I tend to avoid it altogether. I take a long time to gather information but since it’s hard to convince myself, I don’t put the necessary action needed based on the information that I had gathered meticulously. I worry even though I know I should not worry about whatever I’m worried about, I look at my treadmill, sighing, and still, I don’t work out regularly. I also tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of mine.

Okey.. nice to know you, Karin…You seem a very interesting mix of a Lil bit of everything// I am..:D//

Karin Sabrina

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