A question

What would you say to your younger self? A very interesting question. 20 or 15 years ago we were not the same person. We might even so much different, that it will be really difficult to comprehend one or two or countless self-made mistakes when we were young. Why that stupid? I mean… come on… But we can’t edit and delete our past. The past is in the past, it cannot be “UNDO” or “CUT and PASTE” to make it merrier. The stupid mistakes are there. Hopefully, we get the lesson and move on with our life.

My advice to my younger self… hmm… One: You are fine. really. Those who said otherwise, well … they are actually just jealous. Second advice: Trust is a very expensive material, make sure you give it to good people. Third advice: People rarely come out as they truly are, be very attentive with their attitude because actions scream who they really are. Fourth: You are really a fine girl.. (why again? I recall I have low esteem at school, never feel good enough, always less)., Life is good, Be happy. Fifth: It is very human to make mistakes. Just keep learning and move forward.

Is there anything from the past that I wish to change? hmm… Nope. I am a hardcore believer that every single thing in this universe is connected, by changing the smallest thing may lead to a huge unthinkable thing (it’s really similar to compound theory: anything small.. good or bad, if consistently being done, over time, it will give you an enormous impact). I may not really like every part of my past, but… as I said to my younger self, and I will always say it to myself every now and then, you are fine, it is very human to make mistakes, just keep moving forward..

Cheers, Karin Sabrina

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