I learned the hard way regarding financial and relationship matters. It did not occur to me, that if I want to be rich and successful ( I will not explain what is rich and success means for me… not today) then I have to find a job, start young and early in investing, learn to live below your means, start saving with specific goals, learn to do the budget and know the things that I can afford and which I flat out can not afford. Instead to do those important and needless to say, effective way to be rich and successful, I believed that the quickest way to have loads of money and placed a title of success upon my self, is to seek a man that is already rich and successful (Hey I was young and imbecile… what can I say?)

I’ve once read somewhere, a famous person ( I have forgotten his name) said, in my definition, the state of rich and successful means I don’t have to spend time with an asshole in both my professional and personal life. I love this self-made success definition, it gives me an insight that my kind of success doesn’t have to be in line with other’s definition of success. I can make up my own term, and be satisfied with it, and even, I can say it also, with an adamant attitude, I am rich and successful!

I am much older now and I have a job and I still struggle to pay off my financial stupidity a.k.a debt (huge debt), I also have kicked a stupid asshole out of my life ( another stupidity in my youth). For the large society, I clearly am not a rich and successful person by any definition, but if you asked me, I do feel rich and successful now. I live in peace now, whenever I am home, I have the most relaxing space with my favorites humans, I am on a long path to rebuilding my life and I love the process. Now, it’s a sin if I don’t feel joyous and grateful. So, my dearest reader, you do you, define your own success, and strive for it.


Karin Sabrina

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