The Chain

In every year’s commencement, I always so ready and promise wholeheartedly that this year, I am going to do (really .. like for real) my New year resolution. Then February comes, followed by March and so on… and at the end of the year, I feel .. “sigh” ( I guess you too can interpret the “sigh” into a long repertoire of un-satisfaction toward oneself) .

I read this “don’t break the chain” theory here, and I think it’s a very interesting article.

“Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.

The same way that money multiplies through compound interest, the effects of your habits multiply as you repeat them. They seem to make little difference on any given day, and yet the impact they deliver over the months and years can be enormous. It is only when looking back two, five, or perhaps ten years later that the value of good habits and the cost of bad ones becomes strikingly apparent.”

Fadeke Adegbuyi from doist

So, as optimistic as I usually am, I want to try this method. No apps involved, just a plain boring desk-calendar and a bold pen should be enough to do this “new habit installing program” of my self.

Now, what good habits to be installed then? I always believe in the power of being specific. Home made breakfast and lunch- stay clear of junk food, meditation for 10 minutes a day, writing one page a day in my blog, checking the budget every night over a cup of hot lemon tea ( so I know where is my actual position in terms of financial things – daily), read a book for twenty minutes, on the treadmill 30 minutes a day, put on that expensive facial mask from The Bodyshop once a week. That is one, two,….seven new habits! And if I count the minutes : cooking equals 40 minutes, meditate for 10 minutes, writing.. well, it varies day to day but a good 30 minutes is an average time to write something for me, budget time equals 5 minutes, reading for twenty minutes, work out for 20 minutes, face-care time equals 10 minutes ( in a week) and all of it compound into 135 minutes, just a little over 2 hours a day to shape a better, stronger me.

I can do this.


karin Sabrina

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