Love yourself

By a request about a month ago, I made something that looks like a veggies salad. No, it’s not like the picture above, * I took that picture from a site called Canva. I rather say, my first salad is like a postmodern crayon drawing… and deep down inside I do believe it tasted like crayons too.. the potatoes were undercook, as well as the boiled eggs.. sigh! But that very first salad was eaten happily by the man who requested it in the first place. He said it tasted wonderful, I am sure it’s a white lies, yes, of course, he is indeed the kindest man alive.

After that moment, my curiosity and also the expensive tag price of the widely available ready-to-eat salad, I tried to make another plate, made several adjustments from my first trial and I like how the result came out. I even eat my home-made salad as lunch in the office. My salad usually consists of green crispy lettuce, cherry tomatoes, purple cabbage, some tiny pasta like macaroni, scrambled egg, covered in thousand islands, and mayonnaise, and I like to top it with bits of red paprika.

Having a salad for lunches made me think about making small, healthy changes in life. I am not young anymore, I need to put on a better diet and healthy habits. I tried many ways to eat better but somehow I always fail to make it consistent. So this time I want to emphasize on the word “small”. The changes I wish to have will be very very small, so I know I am such a lazy sloth if I am still not able to meet these small goals. Some researchers have confirmed this, we will be more consistent toward the better habit if we don’t burden ourselves to achieve it. We need to make it small, so small that we will feel uncomfortable to skip it.

The salad needs very small preparation time. It tastes good and makes me feel good too because I know I eat healthily, my body feels energized too, I don’t feel sleepy at 3 p.m. Ow, I don’t think my diet follows a particular diet. I still eat any food available, not just salad and the greens. I still love and eat ramen with the thick savory broth and I know lots of my senses sing hallelujah when I eat it.

I hope we all could make these small better changes in our path of life, no matter what current situation that we have. Small changes is like seeds, they grow with time.

Cheers, Stay healthy.

Karin Sabrina

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