Change will never walk side by side with Easy. To change is hard, even dangerous. I read somewhere: change your habit 1% daily, and at the end of the year you have changed 360%. Since we are walking at the last quarter of 2020, I want to see how I have changed from the commencement of 2020 up to this day.

My debt, the balance of my debt has been decreased, I am still in my long marathon to pay my huge debt, but I’m working on it. With my current financial ability, I will be able to pay it off somewhere in 2021. Amen. For you, my lovely reader who currently has the same fight to pay your financial debt, I have no idea at what point your current struggle is, but I wish you the strength to be patient and compassionate with your self. We learn life with our own way, comparing our selves with others is always a bad menu in your daily routine. Take a pride that you are showing your responsibility to pay your debt. That’s a great move! It really is!

My books for this year, Ah I have read many great books this year (I do plan to write about the books I read, but well .. my laziness is amazing, sigh!), and those readings have also changed me in many ways, I sincerely hope for a better me. One thing that keep bugging me last few weeks are the idea to write regularly about the joy of reading. The idea is still quite “vague” at its best, but I hope the “vagueness” will grow into something interesting in the near future ( assuming I will always make time to write..)

My self in general, ah.. this is difficult, know thy self is hard! I believe I have changed. The year 2020 forces us to change, nothing is “the norm” in this strange time. I am healthier.. probably because it’s not easy to snacking and napping without interruption while working at home, we always have ‘unprecedented things’ at home right?! The kids are yelling while the zoom meeting at its most intense moment, the mail man delivering a package to a wrong address and the trees were falling and the aliens were invading the flat earth-er hehehehe. I also try harder to comply with my daily work-out routine :P. I have forgive my self for being so idiot in my 20ies. But as they said, the wildest young always become the most informed strictest parent. :D. being at peace with my self open so many beautiful opportunity I have never know exist, so cheers to me, and aldo for you who have signed the peace charter with yourself. Be in love with yourself, that’s the only person you have in this life time.

Cheers, I hope you all be safe and happy, at peace and healthy wherever you are right now.

Karin Sabrina

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