We met in 2004, at a driving course, we both took the course. He is a quiet and a shy person, at the time he introduced himself to me, his hand was soaking wet when we shook hands. I always see him as a man that is too good to be true for me. We were still at our early twenties at that time, and I was a single mother, when I told him that I already have a daughter, he didn’t seem bothered and he even formed a close relationship with her.

We went on a date for sometime, but then we took different paths, perhaps both of us were not ready yet to be together at that time. We did not communicate for about 10 years, despite we live in the same city. I met him once on his sister wedding, he’s holding his baby son and I came there also with my own family, it’s really an awkward encounter but I still remember him as one beautiful soul.

Few years ago, my marriage was falling apart, I came to him, and his mere presence gave me a strange warmth that is very comforting. He is still shy and quiet, but from then on, he stays by my side in every situation, he become my rock of ages. My divorce was a very lengthy and bitter, my ex husband is a chronic psychopath, he shouted at me in public spaces and there’s several time my ex tried to make a fuss with this quiet man. After one incident, I really want to report my ex to the police but then I refrained, it was not a suitable time.

Those incidents were so humiliating for me, I even asked this quiet man many many times, why stay? to which he replied calmly, Your ex never knew what he got until he lost you. “I am staying. We are going to be together for a very long time”. And so he stays, he keeps treating me like a queen, my son adores him, always stick with him every time he’s around, even my fierce mother has fallen within his charm.

We’ve been together for a couple of years now, he always supports me to achieve my dreams. In Bryan Adams words, he gave me wings when I want to fly. On November 2018, at the age of 37 years young, I got my master degree , and he was standing proudly by my side at the graduation ceremony. He believe in me, even when I don’t, he assures me to do extra miles, even when I feel that I can’t go on anymore. He makes me love my self, comfort with my own skin, he still shy and quiet and he is indeed one beautiful soul.

A real woman can do it all by herself, but a real man won’t let her

Good quotes

Cheers, RirinKoko

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