Lately, I often sit quietly in the kitchen, sipping hot black lemon tea, and if I were lucky, a drizzle of rainwater will accompany me complete with its fresh breeze.

I think about a lot of things, myriad of problems.. and two days ago, exactly at noon, a phone call brought news that a close family member of mine has passed away.. I was startled… I don’t really know him, also never get so close personally, but for me, his sudden death makes me questioned every single problem that I have been ruminating for these past years…

Do I really need to feel upset about everything that is not “right” in my life? Do I really want to know about the problem of other people which I don’t even know personally? Do I need to justify my choices to other people’s judgment? Do I need to plan to do “cold-blooded revenge” to the person who already wronged me in the past?

When my time is up, I want my soul to flee with a smile paste on the lips, I smile because I have lived peacefully with my self. I smile because not only I have accepted my self, my story, I even love every chapter in my life story. Amor Fati, Memento Mori.

Cheers, RirinKoko

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