A young woman, probably in her 30ies.. tried hard to swallow her tears, her husband just passed away a month ago and left everything to his mother and none to her, his wife.

A grandmother, 83 years old, left her home of decades in small town, move in to a tiny unfinished house in a big city, she wants to run a small shop in her new neighborhood.

Another young woman in her late 30ies, still try to settle up her life after she divorced her husband 5 years ago. It was a bitter divorce.

And I know.. every woman in my neighborhood also has their own struggle. A struggle that we might have no idea how bitter and painful it is.

We all have different story, we all are in a different chapter in our life stories, and in a bigger point of view, our stories may intertwined at some parts.

When we let our jealousy grows toward someone else’s story, we are forgetting that our life stories are not complete yet. We are a master piece in the making, each of us are in this evolving stories of life.

Be kind, be thoughtful, everyone is struggling although only few will ever admit their struggles to the world.

Cheers, RirinKoko

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