There’s a time for everything. A time where you can only cook an egg and still it tasted bad, and also a time when you are capable to cook an actual meal for your family and your food don’t do any harm to them. There’s a time where you have a really bad taste on clothes and men, and hopefully, there’s a time when you realized that you deserve more than fake brand clothes and you don’t have to stay married with an abusive bastard, regardless what religious people told you.

A time to improve our self by reading, taking an online course, jogging or playing the piano seems not always available, but it’s there, really. Just because we can’t put a sufficient time to shape this great habit, scientifically proven way to increase the happiness in our life, it does not mean there’s no time for that.

We don’t own time, we have no control whatsoever toward time. All we have is chronic anxiety regarding what will be happening in the future time, and what have we been doing wrong in the past time.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present.


A few days ago, a series of watercolor drawings remind me to put a daily time to make my writings. I like to write, there’s something about this activity that made me feel calm and light. But a ton of self-made reasons successfully inhibit me to do this, I said millions of time I don’t have time this morning, I am going to write, in the afternoon.. and on and on… then, not surprising at all, 6 consecutive months without a single writing.

I have enough time to write everyday, I have enough time to reflect about this present time, the gift. I will make time to write everyday ( I don’t know whether this self affirmation will harm and exterminate my lazy DNA, but, um.. I hope it does)

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