The books and the window

At a time not too long ago, I was brooding about my teaching job. I felt I was not properly valued. Because of that cranky feeling, I had made a decision, I would only teach one more semester; and even then because the teaching schedule has been made, I have also sent an RPS and I feel very immature and uneducated if I suddenly stop teaching without giving news and messages beforehand.

Yesterday, I taught as usual, and because the class was the last meeting for this semester, I asked the students to write their messages and impressions while attending my class. I want to know what they think about the way I teach and I ask them not to write names because it would be better if I didn’t know who wrote what (rather than being sentiment and getting a C as their exam grade hihihik)

Surprisingly, they write good and funny things, I read some in front of the class and we have a good laugh together. Some write, I like the way to teach miss, it’s just that the topic that is delivered often makes me panic in preparation for the presentation. Their notes touched my heart, most of them say: keep up your spirit miss, don’t be bored teaching us yaaaa. And I was reminded, hey … this job is actually your chance to give something back to the community. These students remind me that I am doing something good, and they wish that I keep doing my job. True, the payment is mediocre but I believe I have been blessed more than I deserved so I must give it back to the community.

But the question remains in my heart, will I continue to teach at that place? Up to the current moment, the answer is still a ‘no’. I can give back to the community in many ways. I am happily teaching as my part to create a better community, but I also need a place that adequately respects my teaching skills.

And the final question come, what’s this teaching problems connection with the bookshelves pic above? Well, in my opinion, it’s one of the privileges given to me by life. I was happy when I saw the books arranged neatly … felt beautiful, just like watching the shade of Tao Tōba from the lounge chairs in the Tabo cottage backyard area. The rows of books always remind me not to make money as a single reason to do something. I was not paid to read the books … but I always do it happily

Cheers, Ririnkoko.

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