Yes, let’s have a fight then. I often wonder about the depth of our relationship, I trust you with all my heart, and I love you with all of my being, and surely I wish you understand that.

Yes, let’s have a fight then. I am not worried you will fall out of love with me, just because I say my opinion with fire in my eyes, and knife in my words. A man of mine should be strong enough to know me deeply.

Yes, let’s have a fight then. I no longer believe in being quiet and let everyone make decisions about me, us. As much as I love the quiet and calm situation, I too will be loud and state my mind whenever I see fit.

Yes, I see no mistake in having deep conversations about us, yes, of course, complete with the storm. Please remind yourself, if you want to have the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.

Karin Sabrina

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