I started running occasionally three years ago, I was forty years young. My goal was to run 5K without stopping or walking, and I have not reached that goal. And I am fine with that.

Up to this day, I still amaze with the fact that I could actually do the 5K , even 10K and get the finisher medals. When I first ran, I was panting after the first minute, and I walked , surely it was 95% percent regular walking, not even a brisk walking. The 5k, 10k, 25k, or even 45k was so “outer space”, it’s unreachable.

But now, I could run without stopping or walking up to the length of 3 songs (around 12 minutes) and that’s something I like to celebrate. Almost two years now, I try to discipline myself and run regularly, two – three times a week, I also discipline myself to not compare my capacity with other runners, my running stories are mine. And mine only. It’s a long journey and it’s a beautiful path to grow.

Cheers, I am a runner! 

Karin Sabrina

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