What should we do when some members of our family seem so blind to great blessings in front of her/his nose?

  • I stay silent, because I have no idea what their state of minds are. Perhaps they’re struggling with huge problems so they fail to appreciate the blessings in front of their eyes.
  • I hold myself to not make any unsolicited suggestions for them to do such and such, they’re all grown up. Sometimes, even suggestions with the best intentions get lost in translation.
  • I remind myself, it takes maturity to be able to appreciate everyday blessings. The “everydayness” may be felt too common to be appreciated.
  • I’ll be like Gwyneth Paltrow after winning the ski lawsuit : I wish you well. Probably in the near future they will realize how abundant the blessings are within their life.
I wish you well, May you be at peace,

Karin Sabrina

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