Do not wait for the perfect time to save.

I chuckled when I read an advertisement that said: the best time to buy a house was five years ago. It’s true though… The present is never regarded as the most perfect time to do something which will hugely benefit us in the long run: such as to buy a house, to prepare the pension fund, to save cash for uncertain times, to start regular work out, to learn a new language, etc…. But oddly, the present is always the perfect time to buy a cake, to have the latest it-bag in fashion, to buy skincare from the elusive fountain of youth.

In the last few days, a string of events reminded me of the importance of preparing the pension fund. Although the amount that you could afford to save may not be different from the size of a plankton, I am sure that this amount too can grow into something significant in the far future, as long as we consistently put that plankton into the savings and not disturb it.

Start no matter how small, 

Karin Sabrina

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