I’ll tell you a secret: We don’t read and write poetry because it’s pretty. We read and write poetry because we belong to the human race; and the human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, Commerce, Engineering.. they are noble and necessary races to dignify human life. but poetry, beauty, romance, love are things that keep us alive”

Dead Poet Society (1989)

I read and I write to remind myself to be grateful; this life of mine is indeed perfect with its imperfections. I read great stories about great people and I am grateful to have them as my personal teacher, no school tuition fee, no schedule, I learn from them at my own pace. I write about books that I read, my feelings and opinions, and sometimes I write memories, true, it doesn’t pay the bills but it cleanses my soul.

I read and I write to decline any invitation “no matter how subtle” to feel that I lack something in this life; I have more than enough. And yes, the readings and writings are the constant reminders of that fact.

I read and I write to heal myself from the hurtful lessons I had; through the readings and writings, I know myself better. I don’t feel it is necessary to cover anything up when I’m talking to myself. I can have a crystal clear honesty with myself and I appreciate myself more and more. I learn to face my own self with a gentle touch, I learn to love every bit of myself, the best parts and also the cynical and sour parts of me.

I read and I write because that’s the best way for me to sustain a life worth living.

Do your art my dearest readers, because we belong to human beings, it's our way to sustain our life.

Karin Sabrina

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