Today as any average person having some troubles in life I ask Google about it: how do we contain anger? Then comes the supposedly “inspiring quotes” about anger. These quotes mainly say that anger is not benefitting us, it will ruin you, the best fighter never gets angry (as if we all are some Shaolin fighter), let the anger go and such and such…

I once believed that anger is bad, nothing good comes from being angry. So whenever I feel anger, I suppress it, I conceal it, by doing that I think that I’m being good to myself and to others. I fail to recognize the anger itself, how does it come? What triggers my anger? What’s the pattern of my anger?

The failure to recognize is equal to failure to understand. Then I realized; there is nothing wrong with being angry, it shows that you’re a healthy person. I just need to get to know my anger better. It’s a strong emotion, yes, so I need to handle it with care.

- I am angry when I feel deceived
- I am angry when I feel used
- I am angry when I feel neglected

I need to find out how to face anger when it is visiting me.

Cheers, do angry when you need to.

Karin Sabrina

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