Let me tell you a story,

Once upon a time, about a few mistakes ago, there was a young lady who believes that she could seek justice within a court room. She did everything necessary, to prove her case, the legal process is no where near easy or pleasant. She was deceived again and again by her legal counselor, by the system set to put justice on reign. The final decision made by the judges was actually in her favor, but no party comply to that decision. What happens when one does not comply with final decision made by court? nothing.

So the girl learned one thing, in a hard way, the outcome of a legal process is not justice; the outcome of a legal process such as in civil case is to provide proper civilian administration for the state.

Based on true experience

It feels liberating when I finally could accept the reality of life.

Cheers, may all the painful paths adorn you with patience and wisdom,

Karin Sabrina

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