Too late

Don't you know that it's too late to say half-heartedly sorry? Besides, I'm a gold rooster, I seldom forgive.

You do know that after you burn your bridge, there's no way to return, right? The path has been burned down, nothing left but much expensive lessons I must learn for the rest of my life.

What goes around comes around, do not pretend you forget what you have done, what you have sowed, everything will come back to you, in the same or different forms. You will not become any exception, the universe records everything.

I was the bad guy right? That's what you said to the world. You blamed me for everything, and for a while, what you did really ruin my life. But then I understand, to construct a new, we need to destroy the old.

I'm building my new life from ashes, and guess what? I'm living my best life now. I am happy with my life, with my close-knit and loving family, I'm loved, I am blessed beyond abundance.

What about you? Oh... Let me give you an advice,

Pay your debt, Mind your own business, Pay your debt.

Pay your debt,

Karin Sabrina

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