To this day, I never imagined that two years ago, we would or could have a beautiful, totally luxurious small wedding party, complete with all required bataknese customs (albeit in an abridged version due to the covid pandemic) and attended by all important humans for us.

Both of us never had a proper wedding party before, our previous wedding and marriage was.. hmm… Tragic and disastrous. We have no adequate experience organizing a wedding, surely lacking in financial ability too. But I guess when you really want something good the whole universe will indeed conspire to help you achieve it.

A friend rang me up and offered her service as the wedding organizer with a really fair price, other friends sent me a list of MUA in Medan along with their contact numbers, all of our clothes were bought and prepared by my mother’s long time friend, the wedding venue was available at a perfect date, the extended family of us were happily supported us with all the necessary things for a thorough bataknese wedding. Even the decorations for the venue were provided at a discounted price.

I'm forever grateful, may this marriage be a beautiful blessing for us and all of our favorite humans. 

Karin Sabrina

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