The experiences should and need to be reflect upon. The reflection, that’s the fertile soil to grow ourselves, to make use in the best possible way of all those experiences, happy sad and everything in between. I’ve read some days ago, it’s probably from Adam Grant, it said something like this: ” From the age of 25 to 75, the correlation between age and wisdom is zero. These experiences, they are not define us, just because you made a wrong turn once or twice, it does not necessarily become a legit reason to be bitter about everything in life.

I believe to avoid the bitterness creeps into our fragile heart, it’s a great time to take time to reflect on our journey. To do the reflection, I will use my gratitude glasses. So many happened in 2022, some wishes were granted, some others are not yet materialized. Some days are definitely sunnier than others, but in average, I feel life has been beautiful this year.

May you too be blessed with sufficient time to reflect upon your life journey this year, 

Karin Sabrina

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