Life begins at forty

I never knew being in my forties is equal with having daily good times. In my forties I can:

  • Calmly say no to almost anything
  • Refuse a request without even trying to make any valid reason
  • Acknowledge those haters, they exist for some reason, and it’s okay to not know why
  • Finally I feel confident with my preferred style, yes, I wear boots to work, to go shopping, almost everyday
  • Accept my flaws and have a good laugh about it with my favorite humans
  • Grateful for my best self
  • Baking a cake in an ordinary day
  • Carefully curating my social circle and keeping it very very small and private
  • Decline the want to mind on other people’s businesses
Cheers, may we all grow joyfully in each passing day, 

Karin Sabrina

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