Me, today

Little tiny thing accumulated over the years will become a giant thing. I Was reminded to that principle when I was looking my selfies photos over a decade time span. I was taken aback when I realized that at the time I was 12 years younger than today, I didn’t take lots of selfies, and in those few photos, my face seemed 30 years older. I look chronically depressed, exhausted and there’s indifference in my eyes.

A very understandable state, I was indeed exhausted, physically and emotionally. I had three kids to be taken care of, I was, at that time married with a mentally sick man who shared so many similar symptoms with the infamous Amber Heard. Everyday was filled with anger, hateful thoughts, tiredness, and inexplicable sadness, disappointment and the barrage of negativity commentaries.

I leaved that toxic relationship 7 years ago, and I am now in a happy and healthy marriage with a man who love and respect me dearly. My days fill with laughter and meaningful conversation with my current spouse, and we took tons of photos together. When I put a decade ago selfie photos side to side with my current selfie photos, I look like two different person. I look much younger in my forties than in my late twenties.

I heard sometimes ago, when a woman look beautiful after she pasts age 35, that woman is certainly in a happy household, in my case, it is true. But don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting or saying that a woman must be in a happy marriage in order to look beautiful. What I am saying is, a woman who is having a happy relationship with her favorite humans, a woman who often smiles and filled her day with gratitude, will certainly look her best, emotionally intelligent and physically radiant.

Cheers, have a selfie today, take a moment to really look closely into yourself,

Karin Sabrina

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