Snowman II

I met her only once, in a very brief meet up, and I have a lot of regrets up to this day about that meeting. I should have invited her to come to my place, I should have insisted to have dinner date with her, I should have told her how I know her, I should have told her that my grandmother from my mother side has the same "marga" with her and probably both of us indeed related. 

I remember her a lot lately, I miss her, and I played the snowman song whenever she is on my mind. I wish to meet her in a longer meet up, in a better place , and hopefully in a sweet sisterhood camaraderie. I always wish all the very best for this wonderful person, whenever she is right now.

Cheers, miss you dear, Hope you are doing well, may you have healed and most of your wounds have became noticeable scars, may you be blessed in abundance and may you be loved and happy, always.

Karin Sabrina

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