For the last several days, I wonder what make it so hard to pull off my eyes from Depp vs Heard Defamation trial. I just can’t stop my self to reach my phone and then to play the videos from that trial process, 5, 7, 12 minutes videos and out of sudden, there’s a pop up notification on my phone, my screen time has reached its limit for the day, 7 hours!!! 😳😳😳😲😲 Damn! What’s happening to me?!

After some good night sleep, I finally could pin it out… The reasons why this trial interest me that much: My ex- and my husband ex- were showed much similar symptoms with Ms. Heard: insane energy to fabricate lies after lies after lies after lies.

I have never thought that these manipulative attitude, attention seeking, low self esteem personality can be put at a spot light like in this trial between Depp and Heard. For me personally, when I was slapped with massive amount of lies by my ex, I was stupefied… I can’t understand the logic of that horrendous act. He told everyone I know that I was a horrible wife, I was abusive with my daughters and son, I was a cheater, I was completely bad…. Then… If I were really that bad…I suppose he should throw a party after the divorce, but instead, he makes much amount of time and energy only to speak ill about me.

For those who is still struggling with the issue of abusive household, please seek help, please let your relatives or person that cares about you, knows that you need help. You are not worthless, you also deserve a good comfortable life.

Abuse and lies are never sign of love

May the force and peace be upon you, 

Karin Sabrina

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