I was a non believer of the effectiveness of a to do list. I thought, how could a list help me to walk through the unpredictable path of life. But I’m converted now.

Some time ago, out of the blue, I installed a to do list app, I write all the things that I should do in daily manner: writing on my blog, learn french with Duolingo, and jogging. And surprisingly by reading this “list” over and over, I actually take time to do it. This list is like a very persistent reminder, it doesn’t care whether I’m in the mood or not or do I have time or not … It keeps reminding me: yo girl, you need to do this and that.

This afternoon, I added meditation class onto that list. I have skipped the class way too many times… While I know I need to do it in order to calm my monkey mind. Hopefully this persistent reminder will able to nudge me to do 5-10 meditation time every day.

Cheers, may we all closer to the betterment every day,

Karin Sabrina

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