Today I was reminded that all emotions are impermanence, they are not fixated on our mind, they will change soon or later. I’m still struggling to face a huge emotional distress, such as anger or grief or sadness or disappointments or all of them combined into one big unwanted package.

Whenever this big emotions arrive, I usually tried to push them away, it’s deeply rooted in me that those are bad feelings, I should shoosh them away immediately. It never works, my dearest readers, it never works. We are human, we have myriad of feelings and that’s what make us human. I learn now that each emotion should be welcomed, and we make a room for them, as this uncomfortable feelings are huge we may carried away or overwhelmed, but do remember that they are impermanence, they will not stay for long.

Hello anger, hello grief,


let us all sit together, I hope I can decipher the important messages that you conveyed to me.

Karin Sabrina

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