The point of the photo above? It’s a reminder that to make a continuous progress in installing a new good habit, to record your ‘new habit’ is indeed very important.

By actual record, we can literally see ‘the chain’ of that new habit. Of course we have huge tendency to break the chain we’ve made, but at least we know that we have made a chain, and should it break, we can push the restart button and start the chain again, hopefully each time our chain is longer than the previous one.

Daily work out, learn a new language, writing, reading 20 pages a day, any new good habit you can think of, please find a way to record it.

And if your record seems far from your initial expectation, be kind with yourself, please remember that you’re enough and you’re actually a masterpiece in the making.

Cheers, Loving ourselves is the most beautiful quiet revolution,

Karin Sabrina

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