A curator

Once, a friend told me that she’s working as a curator, and in that time I have no idea what it was… But it sounds ‘cool’ and great importance, and of course, I’m jealous of her. So, eventually… I browse that word, and yes, it’s really a great work – and I become even more jealous of her – sigh!

Museums and galleries typically employ numbers of curators whose role it is to acquire, care for and develop a collection. They will also arrange displays of collection and loaned works and interpret the collection in order to inform, educate and inspire the public.

https://www.tate.org.uk › art-terms

Then, an idea comes up, in the far future ( if I’m lucky I might live happily up to my eighties), I would like to see my life and feeling proud with it. I want to fall in love with my self, because I walk through everything with a great passion and smile.

So starting today, I’ll be the curator of my life, I’ll acquire new skills, develop my self and slowly cut unnecessary things up to the point I only have a collection of things that I really love in life.

Cheers, may you be safe and healthy and loved, 

Karin Sabrina

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