Bad weather

It’s a bad weather in the office today, well… You know that one annoying person in the office? I nicknamed them as ‘a bad weather’. Them? Yes there are more than a singular annoying person in my office. But there is particularly one person who always succeed to sour my mood entirely.

As bad weather will pass, these annoying people whose absence in the office is very much expected by literally everyone, will definitely pass. But my patience is low and my Tolerance for them is decreasing in a light-year speed, so some days I just can’t sit and calmly said this shit too shall pass. Today is one of those days

I envy those who never let the shitty weather at the office ruin their mood. I fancy those who could be such a forgiving person toward the bad weather.

Cheers, may you'll be spared from bad weather in the office. 

Karin Sabrina

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