It’s a huge fortune if a person could converse rather fluently in a foreign language, a language that is far in difference from one’s mother tongue. A foreign language is a whole different set of beliefs and values.

The question for today: can we actually learned foreign language from an app such as Duolingo? Hmm… Partially yes. Why say partially? Because languages are not a set of words and rules that you must memorize. It’s a means of communication, you must use it to be able to be good at it. Duolingo, memrise etc are not actual people with their own mind and experiences, so it’s not possible to converse with it. But as a starting point in language learning, I believe they are sufficient, no extra pressure dealing with something unknown such as foreign language, and I am now convinced, playing Duolingo could actually relax your tension when you’re waiting for something more than 20 minutes.

Cheers, keep on learning..

Karin Sabrina

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