Please darling, stop believing that there’s only One right answer, we could have as many right answer as we want.
  • Why is that one person who has no expertise and lack of all proper competency, has the most stingy bossy attitude in the office can have a big salary raise?
  • What is wrong with people who constantly speaking ill about others?
  • Why is it unfairness so common? Even in court rooms!
  • Why do we often let rude people be rude?
  • Why a very greedy person can be a bos in one company?

See.. those are examples for the question that does not have only one right answer. I don’t know the exact answer and probably, no one knows. But For me, to find the right answer is not the most important and interesting thing to do. I prefer looking an amusing and important question. I believe generating a good question in daily Manner toward one self is the most sustainable thing to do so we can grow better and stronger.


Karin Sabrina

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